2014-2015 Academic Calendar


18 Mon HMS MD 1st Year Orientation Begins
25 Mon MIT On-Line Registration Opens
27 Wed Harvard GSAS Registration Deadline
28 Thu HST Student Orientation
1 Mon Holiday - Labor Day - No Classes
2 Tue HST MD 1st & 2nd Year Classes Begin
2 Tue MIT Registration Day (ALL HST Students)
2 Tue Harvard GSAS Classes Begin
2 Tue HST Thesis due for September MIT degree
3 Wed MIT Classes Begin
5 Fri MIT Fall Registration Deadline
5 Fri MIT February Degree Application Deadline
5 Fri LAST DAY to submit Fall RA, TA and Fellowship Applications
11 Thu HST PhD Student Orientation, part 2
15 Mon LAST DAY to sign up for MIT Family Health Insurance OR to waive individual coverage
19 Fri Holiday - MIT Student Holiday (Harvard classes meet) - No Classes
1 Wed MD Intent to Apply for Honors
3 Fri MIT Cross-Registration DEADLINE
3 Fri ADD Deadline (MIT classes)
13 Mon Holiday - Columbus Day - No Classes
15 Wed MD Admissions Deadline
23 Thu Faculty Poster Session
24 to 25 Fri MIT Family Weekend
10 Mon Holiday - Veterans Day (No classes @ MIT) - No Classes
11 Tue Holiday - Veterans Day (No classes @ MIT or HMS; GSAS classes meet) - No Classes
19 Wed DROP Deadline (MIT Courses)
27 to 28 Thu Holiday - Thanksgiving Recess - No Classes
1 Mon MEMP PhD Admissions - through Biophysics
1 Mon MIT Spring Term On-Line Pre-Registration Opens
2 Tue Harvard GSAS Classes End
10 Wed MIT Classes End
11 to 19 Thu Harvard GSAS Final Exam Period
12 Fri HST/HMS Classes End
15 Mon HST PhD Admissions Application Deadline (MIT & SEAS)
15 to 19 Mon HST/HMS AND MIT Final Exam Period
20 Sat Winter Recess Begins: MIT, HMS and GSAS
31 Wed Deadline to Initiate MIT Spring Pre-Registration


5 Mon HST/HMS Winter Session Classes AND MIT Independent Activities Period (IAP) Begins
15 Thu Soma Weiss Student Research Day
15 Thu TQE Contract Due (MEMP 1st year)
19 Mon Holiday - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - No Classes
20 Tue FINAL Spring pre-registration deadline
26 Mon MIT On-Line Registration Opens (ALL Students)
26 Mon Harvard GSAS Spring Term Classes Begin
27 Tue MEMP Oral Qualifying Exam
30 Fri HST/HMS Winter Classes and MIT IAP period Ends
2 Mon HST/HMS Spring Classes Begin
2 Mon MIT Registration Day (ALL HST students)
2 Mon HST PhD Thesis Due for the February MIT Degree
3 Tue MIT Spring Classes Begin
6 Fri MIT June Degree Application Deadline
6 Fri LAST DAY to submit Spring RA, TA and Fellowship Applications
6 Fri Last Day to Complete MIT Registration
15 Sun Last Day to Sign-up for MIT Family Health
16 Mon Holiday - President's Day - No Classes
17 Tue MIT follows Monday Schedule of Classes
6 Fri Last day to ADD MIT Subjects
16 to 20 Mon Harvard Spring Vacation (MIT classes meet)
23 to 27 Mon MIT Spring Vacation (HMS and GSAS classes meet)
16 Thu HST Forum
20 to 21 Mon Holiday - Patriot's Day (HST/HMS classes meet) - No Classes
23 Thu MIT Deadline to DROP Spring Classes
29 Wed Harvard GSAS Spring Term Classes End
1 Fri MIT Summer and Fall Pre-Registration Opens
8 to 16 Fri Harvard GSAS Final Exam Period
14 Thu MIT Classes End
15 Fri HST MD Courses End
18 to 22 Mon HST/HMS AND MIT Final Exam Period
18 Mon PhD Thesis Due for June MIT Degree
25 Mon Holiday - Memorial Day - No Classes
28 Thu Harvard Commencement
28 to 29 Thu MEMP Oral Qualifying Exam
29 Fri Deadline to Initiate MIT Fall Pre-Registration
29 Fri HST Graduation Celebration
5 Fri MIT Commencement
5 Fri Last day to submit Summer RA, TA and Fellowship Applications
12 Fri MIT Summer Registration Deadline
12 Fri MIT September Degree Application Deadline